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Frequently Asked Questions
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1)Is sample order accepted?
Yes, sample order is accepted. You can place a trial order to evaluate the product quality and fabrication skill first.

2)Why our production time usually is 20-30 working days?
This is the metal fabrication normal time. Because we don’t have many products in stock for special models.

3)Why we don’t have many products in stock?

Because we are a metal fabrication factory, most of our products are customized, and we have made a non-disclosure agreement our customers. We can’t and won’t sell the same products to other customers except universal standards.

4)Why we need customers supply us their own sizes, product material or even processing drawing?

Metal fabrication are involved in different metal plates thickness, dimension and processing scope of our machine etc. We need the detail information to count the basic cost accurately and then quote you our best price.




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